"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." - Nelson Henderson

What's the story?

Scientists estimate that planet Earth is home to 8.7 million species and over 7 billion people. That’s a lot of life being supported by one giant ball in space! We must be careful to take care of our planet, in order for it to take care of all the people, animals and other living creatures that call it home.

What we do each day adds up. Many scientists believe our daily activities are leading to higher carbon dioxide levels which are affecting our oceans, our atmosphere and everything that lies in between. Did you know that the United States releases more carbon dioxide than any other country, though it is home to just five percent of the world's population? 

What can I do?

There are steps we each can take very day to make a difference. For example, the average person throws away about four pounds of garbage every day. (That’s a lot!) What if everyone started to use recyclable containers for their lunches, use only reusable water bottles, and compost the items that can naturally break down to serve as “food” for plants? Those small acts alone could have a huge impact. Remember: big things happen fast when we all work together!

You can also check out the growing list of cool organizations and activities right here on our website that provide other ways we can all become more eco-friendly. The list is growing as we speak, and so are the chances for you to make a difference!

Get Started Now!

Where can I learn more?

Games and Websites:

Our partners’ websites have a lot of great information. Here are a few others with interesting ideas, activities and information that can help you and those around you Go Green!

Meet the Greens - Fun site for kids about looking after the planet

Eschool Today - The stats and facts you need to know about climate change

Eco Kids (Canada) – Eco games and activities that teach while you have fun

Planet Protector from the EPA  - Quizzes, games, activities and more about our environment and how to take care of it

Grades of Green - Great activities you and your school can do right now to have an impact

Green Home Guide - Practical, every day tips from US Insurance Agents

Movoto Real Estate Compilation of Recycling Resources - A long list of links to various resources focused on recycling efforts around the home

A Kid's Guide to the 3 R's - Great everyday ideas for reducing consumption and landfill waste (Thanks, Ellie, for telling us about this one!)

O.Berk Page on Recycling Glass, Plastic, Metal & More - Great page full of recycling facts, projects, games and more (Thanks for the great suggestion, Dakota!)

One Main Financial - Go Green; Save Green - tips for saving the money and the environment (Thanks for the suggestion, Girl Scouts!)

Save on Energy's Kids Recycle Guide - A kid-focused guide with quizzes, games and fun facts on recycling

Know of another book or website that helps kids learn about this issue? Let us know and maybe we’ll add it to the list! Email us at info@projectgivingkids.org
*The mentioning of books, websites, charities, and/or other entities does not imply explicit endorsement by PGK, nor does PGK have any responsibility for the content provided by other organizations or websites. Content on this site is provided for informational purposes only.
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