Comfort the Sick

How much time you need (estimated) Approximately 1 hour
Where it happens


Who needs to help you A parent, guardian or other grown-up to help with the sewing (and sharp scissors)
When it happens

All year long (but especially during the winter)

What you need

1. 22" X 26" piece of fleece fabric (approximate)

2. Contrasting piece of fleece 10" by 2"

3. Thread

4. Sewing machine (or needle & thread)

5. Sharp scissors

How it helps

We serve patients seeking medical care at some of Boston's best hospitals. They often come to Boston seeking care because they have serious illnesses or are receiving very special treatment. This can be a very hard time in their lives. Some of our guests come from areas in which they have never seen snow. The cold of the winter can add to their stress. Adding that extra warm cozy gift can make a big difference.


1. Collect the necessary supplies and begin by laying the fleece on your work surface. Fold up one side so your piece will be 26" tall by half the width of the 22", hot dog style. Line up both long edges. If your fleece has a "right side," make sure the right side is in when you fold your fleece.

2. Sew these long edges together forming a long tube, leaving about a 1/2" seam allowance. You can easily sew this by hand using needle and thread and a straight stitch too. You can also sew this on a machine, if you prefer.

3. Fold up one edge of the tube and match up the two raw edges. The raw edges of the seam you just sewed should be on the inside. You should now be able to fit the folded edge on your head and the raw edges will stick up.

Step 4 and Step 5 can be done in either order. The end result will be the same.

4. Use the scissors and cut 1-inch wide strips that are each 3" - 4" long in the raw edges. This part will make a big pom-pom on top of your hat.

5. Now, gather the raw edges along the top of your hat and tie the 10" piece of fleece around it like a pony-tail.

6. Mail your completed hat(s) to: Hospitality Homes, 20 Overland St, Suite 204, Boston, MA 02215. Alternatively, contact Denise Duclos at or call 888-595-4678 ext. 1 to arrange a time to drop off your hat(s).

Nonprofits you can work with

Hospitality Homes

Next Steps

For further information or to request a PDF document outlining this project, including instructional pictures, contact Denise Duclos, Outreach Coordinator, at or call (888) 595-4678 ext. 1.

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