Comfort the Sick

How much time you need (estimated) 1-2 hours
Where it happens


Who needs to help you Kids can do this all on their own.
When it happens

All year round

What you need

1. Blank scrap book or note book approximately 4 inches by 6 inches or 5 inches by 7 inches (or something close)

2. A nice pen to write with

3. Pens, stickers or other items to decorate the book

4. Your creativity (for designing the outside of the book)

5. Good jokes!

How it helps

We serve patients seeking medical care at some of Boston's best hospitals. They often come to Boston seeking care because they have serious illnesses or are receiving very special treatment. This can be a very hard time in their lives. By sharing a gift from yourself and some good humor, you can help make this tough time a little easier. Laughter really is great medicine!


1. Pick up a clean, new scrap book or note book at your favorite craft or retail store (4X6 or 5X7 are good sizes)

2. Decorate the outside of your book with calming pictures, happy quotes, flower stickers or whatever other ideas come to mind

3. Using books from your library or the internet, fill the pages with jokes that ALL people would find funny. (No rude or inappropriate jokes.)

4. Mail your completed book to Hospitality Homes, P.O. Box 15265, Boston, MA 02215

*If using the internet to find jokes, ask mom, dad or another grown-up for help to make sure the sites you visit and the jokes you find are appropriate for kids. Any books sent in that have jokes that some people may find offensive will not be used.

Nonprofits you can work with

Hospitality Homes

Next Steps

Follow the instructions to make your joke book. If you have questions or to arrange delivery of your joke book, contact Denise Duclos at or call (888) 595-4678 ext. 1.

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